a logo for Antares Binding Rituall, it's the letters ABR overlapping a bit in purple shades

Antares Binding Rituall

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What, Where and When

You’re a song, a wished-for song. Rumi
intersecting your spacetime in Ibiza, Spain, Mediterranean sea, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, circa 2030 CE
Antares Binding Rituall’s music is available through BandCamp
One person collective, doing entheogenic, organic, sometimes meditative, often ambient, at times lively, occasionally synthetic music
for natural mystics and misfits, spiritual anarchists, genderfluid underdogs, lucid psychonauts,
wonderful witches, whimsical wizards, invisible internationalists, rebel mekubbalot and mekubbalim.
I loves you ❤️.
cover art for the track AT,OME, it reads Antares Binding Rituall, ATOME and show old engravings of the idea of atomes in water molecules on a golden background
cover art for the track Bienvenue, it reads Antares Binding Rituall, Bienvenue, and shows a montage of old drawings of siphonophorae in shades of blue
cover art for the EP These Times We Danced, it reads Antares Binding Rituall, These Times We Danced, tales of EDM and psychostasy over a detail from a Degas painting representing dancers
cover art for the track So Happy You Exist, it reads the band name and track title over an old image of Lakshmi anointed by elephants
cover art for Bird's Eye View, it reads the band's name and the track title over an old drawing of a peacock head
cover art for Elegy to the Impatien Astronaut, it reads the song's title and the band's name over the image of an astronaut floating in a spacey psychedelic environment
cover art for the EP Antares Binding Rituall, it reads the eponymous EP title over an old engraving of the Scorpius constellation in light blue over dark purple

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